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Jim Spring
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    Hook and Barrel Happy Time

    New England To Myrtle Beach

    Come join us at a beautiful cozy and roomy happy hour at the Hook and Barrel (right next to Croissants). The manager has set 50 seats aside so RSVP ASAP (please be sure you can make ). This is a warm and inviting space with a beautiful bar and...

    DRUMMING FROM THE HEART - for awareness, spirit, dance.

    Drumming and Dance in Myrtle Beach

    Drumming From the Heart - for awareness, spirit, dance. A class for ALL levels. Bring a drum like djembe or conga or ashiko if you have one. DRUMS PROVIDED. Beginner? Have no concern.. just bring a smile. Advanced? We'll give you roles that will...

    Lulu Buffets Happy Hour

    New England To Myrtle Beach

    Happy hour at Lulu’s. Great place to meet up. Good prices on food and drink from 4-6 Monday-Friday. If you haven’t been there I recommend for spacious colorful fun place right on the coastal waterway. This is in Barefoot Landing. Casual...

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