Jim Spring
  • Community Events

    Join us for singing and fun.
    9-10-16 6:00 pm
    Sound of the Strand Chorus

    Myrtle Beach Day Trip
    9-10-16 6:00 pm
    The Hang Out: for Young Black Professionals

    Football season is here but let's try to squeeze this day trip in before summer is out. *personal comment* :-) The plan is to go down on Saturday morning and head back Sunday afternoon. There are tons of things to do and I am sure that you won't...

    Backgammon, Poker, Team Spades & Appetizers
    9-10-16 6:00 pm
    Round Robin backgammon, cards, games and pot luck

    Four tables, one Poker, one team or 4 player spades or other card games as requested, one or two backgammon areas, another dominoes, checkers or chess. Individual requests are handled on a first request first choice. Remember to bring an...

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